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Now that same-sex marriage is legal in Virginia — these are some issues LGBT voters hope to tackle next

RICHMOND, Va. — After same-sex marriage became legal in Virginia in early October, has the controversial issue vanished as a hot-button election topic at the polls? Bill Harrison, the executive director of the Richmond Gay Community Foundation, said he believed same-sex marriage will no longer be a topic for voters and candidates in Tuesday’s congressional midterm elections.

“I think that America is moving past this. I don’t think that it is the issue that it was a couple years ago, and I think the change of attitude has come about because we have allowed people to get to know us,” Harrison said. “If you look at civil rights issues whether it’s race, or whether it’s women, the more we humanize the issues … the easier it becomes. All this progress didn’t take place just in the last 12 months. This goes back generations and generations.”

Read the full article at WTVR.com.

Colleges turn out the student vote

RICHMOND, Va. — In preparation for the Congressional Midterm Elections next Tuesday, universities in Richmond are focused on getting their students to vote. Through tabling, events and online resources, the goal over the past weeks has been completing student voter registrations.

Jeff South, a journalism professor at VCU, led a group of honors students in a voter registration drive for the “VCU votes” project ahead of the Oct. 14 registration deadline.

Read the full article at WTVR.com.

Third-party candidates struggle to overcome variety of political hurdles

RICHMOND, Va — While Virginia voters have become more aware of the Libertarian Party with last year’s surprising results for gubernatorial candidate Robert Sarvis, third-party candidates still encounter challenges in the elections this fall. For many, it starts with just getting on the ballot.

While Democratic and Republican candidates are automatically listed, third-party candidates must collect 1,000 signatures of registered Virginia voters in their district to earn a spot on the ballot.

Read the full article at WTVR.com.

Using VCU experience, Iraqi students help ISIS refugees at home

RICHMOND, Va. — Inspired by the popular ALS Ice Bucket Challenge in the U.S. this summer, Gandhi Isaac created his own social media campaign to raise awareness about providing water to refugees in northern Iraq.

Instead of dumping water over his head, the college student from the Northern Iraqi city of Qaraqosh put a twist on the campaign. He delivered thousands of bottles of water to refugees fleeing the terror group of the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS). In addition to his project, Isaac created hashtags like #MyIceBucketChallenge and #WeAreOne to encourage his friends to join him in his efforts to help the Iraqi people.

Read the full article at WTVR.com.



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