Equality Virginia

Report: 78% of Transgender Workers Have Been Harassed

Toni-Michelle Williams, of Hampton Roads, says she’s indebted to the strong women who came before her. As a young transgender woman employed as community health educator for ACCESS AIDS Care, she combines two worlds that were previously worlds apart.
“Transgender people who have come before us have truly paved a way by simply being visible,” said Williams, pictured left. “Today, I can proudly and freely be myself in public, at home, and at work.”

While Williams has received a lot of support from her family, peers, and community, even today, many transgender people do not have this freedom, and their livelihood depends on their abilities to hide a huge part of who they are.

Read the full article at AltDaily.

Op-ed: Because Clara deserves to have two legal parents

Together, Jenny and Melinda – who have been in a committed relationship for nearly a decade – are moms to two-year-old Clara. Both have changed Clara’s diapers, soothed her to sleep, watched her learn to walk and talk, and loved her unconditionally since she was born.But according to Virginia law, Jenny is her only parent.

When a gay or lesbian couple adopts or gives birth in Virginia, only one parent is legally recognized. Because of this, Melinda is not a legal parent to Clara, even though Clara is her daughter in every sense of the word.

Read the full article at AltDaily.

Prides- We’ve come a long way, baby!

Pride season in Virginia starts this week! Even with the Supreme Court blocking marriages from starting in Virginia, we still have a lot of celebrating to do.  Putting it all in perspective, we are still closer to marriage than ever before.

Over the next month and a half at Prides throughout the Commonwealth, we will joyously observe Virginia’s progress towards equality for lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender individuals and families.   When we take a look back over the decades, Virginia, the United States, and countries around the world have come a long way in not only accepting, but celebrating, diversity.

Read the full blog at EqualityVirginia.org.


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